What’s your knowledge and truth

Liquid Dimensions — Graphic Arts by Casey Elizabeth McDonald — soulnsight
Drifting ever so slightly, left and right. Static vibrations of the wind whisper messages if you listen closely. Our Earth calls forth wisdom from the past to present.

Can you see the importance of acquiring knowledge and speaking your truth?

There is truth in knowledge. A simple act of being, expressing, delivering, offering and receiving truths, is born from education. By accepting the world at a micro level, you can begin to understand the bigger picture of the whole.

Knowledge was born for those to create a living existence that nourishes respect, honor, and integrity. Without knowledge of your environment, history, and pleasurable subjects — nothing flourishes.

Take a step forward in the direction of your future; share knowledge, seek knowledge, ask questions with curiosity, and be open to receiving messages for your growth.

Like a seed, one must take action to plant that seed. That seed needs attention and care of one’s hands to place in a soiled bed of Earth. As you attend to the garden of your seeds, they begin to grow, bloom and flourish.

The seed is your mind. With deliberate intention you carve out space by sublimating needless intake while replacing it with healthy conscious nourishment — that gives abundance and meaning to one’s life. As you illuminate the center of your mind, the watering process begins. Gentle, subtle and with real substance.

I ask you, how are you growing the seeds in your mind?

Does the off switch button get flipped when you leave work, school or your daily routine?

If so, then it’s time to take a deeper look. Each perspective of reality has visions of truth. What are the truths in your life born from knowledge?

Moments wasted imploring meaningless jargon — takes a strong hold on your future. Actions, knowledge, and substance have long-lasting effects and form your truths for life to come.

Take a look at the microcosm of your own life. What has meaning to you at a deep level? Depth is a skill one earns. It is not delivered on a silver platter. It takes effort, patience, practice, tolerance, and devotion.

We all are constantly surrounded by distractions, needing more instant gratification to feed the natural serotonin in the brain. However all of this constant motion is restricting humans from their natural truths — the greatest tool one can acquire is knowledge.

Knowledge is a substance nobody can ever take from someone.

Everybody is highly capable of learning. The trick is to take a proper assessment of your interests, capabilities and overall desire to better yourself in a particular area. Once you have addressed the core of oneself, then the fun begins.

Learning does not have to be a mundane, boring and uninspiring experience. It truly can be a fun experience. All one has to do is look inward and illuminate their personal interests — then seek the information that is plastered on the web, libraries, bookstore, documentaries, bios and many more places.

Getting excited about the context of your personal desires is where one begins to open their brain’s frontal lobe. There is truth in the fact that one can actually alter their brain and its stimulus at a significant level. Don’t believe me, then try it.

“What you seek is seeking you”. — Rumi

Never forget, you are the conductor of your own reality. You want more, then seek the answers to your questions, form curiosity, elevate your baseline, and reap the rewards of your hard earned knowledge bank of truths.

There is a harvest that arrives at all who seek — start by becoming a seeker today!

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