Mindfulness Matters

Knowledge is power.

Awaken your mind to unfold the many layers of perception.

By practicing intention, nonjudgmental awareness and being present, anyone can set themselves free. Navigating with ancient traditions from the East and West, helps develop the experience when exploring mindful practices. Wisdom passed down from before us, has channeled mindful practices to engage us.

By implementing a variety of forms for practice, cultivating well-being becomes seemingly easier than ever before. An individual has all the tools to create human illumination. Scientific research has been dedicated to affirming how being mindful can truly matter.

Mindfulness creates a container for vital health benefits to flourish. Mindful practices produce better awareness, some might include; meditation, yoga, tai chi, qigong, chanting, poetry, singing, writing and even prayer. By practicing, individual growth begins to overshadow any grey areas of life. Replacing it with intentional focus and thought.

Presence is a practice, that is done without judgement. The impact on self growth and viability; inspires our brain, immune system, psychological and interpersonal changes to level. When the changes transform your being, the possibilities are endless.

Emerging neuroscientific research, discovers that mindful practices alleviate people suffering of chronic pain. Pathophysiology is submerged into three types; nociceptive pain, neuropathic pain and sensory/hypersensitivity. Examples of chronic pain in these categories include rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, peripheral neuropathy, postherpetic neuralgia, and fibromyalgia.

Applying these teachings of mindfulness can focus attention with clarity. It can wash away the mucky waters of our day to day lives and breed secular elements from intention into attention.

The state of brain activation when in practice, recycles repetition, which can become a very enduring trait to embody intentional creation in a state of mind. Its reflects light onto long-term changes of brain function and structure.

The powerful effects of mindfulness activate the healing process at a rate four times faster.

Of course the brain is proportional to the amount of hours you put into practice, but the benefits are real, consistent and long lasting. Time is irrelevant when it comes to our well-being. Meditation can actually change the brain for optimal influence.

In the light of transformations and transitions, being mindful and inhibiting new or lost practices, can produce positive changes and growth. Inducing key developments in the brain and promoting healthy progression.

The variables are endless, but the research and effectiveness is profound. Try adding an element of mindfulness into your daily routine and the results will become consistent and far reaching.

It takes consistency, happiness, practice, consciousness and interest, to define mindfulness.

Have you heard the term universal consciousness, well it is what forms in the body, mind, eyes, and memory. It is the grail you seek. The discovery of your purpose, why you are here, what you are doing in life, and your connection to all living things on earth.

There is another term used; we are one. This is including all the elements of nature, living and what some might call non-living. Our consciousness isn’t just our own, it transcends our physical self, and even our imaginative self.

We are all dreamers in this field of consciousness and by becoming more mindful we create a sustainable stream of consciousness, that forms waves and frequencies that make matter and energy possible.

This electrical change in brain function can reflect and cultivate challenging external situations and inner mental function to embody thought, feeling and memory. This state can be seen as a neural basis for resilience.

Our minds don’t only find resilience, but our body’s act. The ability to fight infection and disease becomes more proportional and improves immune function. Mindful reflection helps to ease and dissipate what the body plays out.

By creating an internal sense of stability, clarity begins to unfold, and mindful awareness takes hold. Removing functions of distractibility, confusion and agitation. This ability will help one create better discernment and differentiate our unique streams of awareness.

Mindfulness enhances emotional intelligence and adapts attitudes of peacefulness and patience. The science of mindfulness helps emerge an independent way of knowing, termed interpersonal neurobiology. These skills are learnable and can be applied through the lens of our physical forms.

Healing can take place at a very deep level, when realizing the mind’s potential of feelings, thoughts, hopes and dreams.

Mindfulness Really Matters.

Aham Brahmasmi…..I am the Universe.