The Pleasure and Pain of Creativity

Art and Fashion by Casey Elizabeth McDonald

Creativity feeds the spirit. It embellishes the heart and sparkles your essence.

Define the magic underneath the many layers of your skin. Peel back the layers of definitions and labels that one might need to wear to survive. Open your heart to listen.

What speaks from inside unveils your truest nature.

The pleasure of your divinity has a voice. You can hear it, if you begin to listen deeply; it is heard silently in between the gap of societal distractions and your minds chatter.

Do you want to hear what your greatest desires are?

It truly takes a magical elixir of one part pleasure and one part pain. The beauty of creation is standing in defiance, strength and vulnerability when one fails. Failure is inevitable. It’s how we fall that creates a ripple effect for our future.

Crashing waves begin to wash over ones immaculate conception of themselves. What we call the ego fades into the layer of frequencies to be regenerated into energetic submission.

Feeling pain can be a beautiful transmutation, if you learn to relax and flow. The effervescence of your tranquil mind will begin to capture your fall and awaken your heart. Yes feeling, oh my what a taboo word in society these days.

Have we fallen and forgotten how to pick ourselves back up?

Creativity is the true source when dealing with a fall. It reignites the centers in our body to realign. It manifest another nature of description and magnitude of force that exists within. It is the future of evolution and without discovering the magnetic pulses of negative and positives experiences, one can not be whole.

There is no such thing as just creation or light. With creation comes destruction. Acceptance of the balance between the two is the entry to the gap. To that endless flow of serene waters. That is where one finds a portal into the deepest love your heart can feel.

Embracing the tiny little deaths we experience in life, is truly disguised in blessings. Our concerns and problems are only a fraction of the solutions. There is a bigger agenda for the whole of humanity, and it lies in each one of us.

Awakening your vessel through shadows creates a spectacle of sparks. These sparks are energy. Energy is a constant, it is in the food we digest and the air we breathe, the gases we our surrounded by. It is us at the core.

So do we still think the pain is a product of injustice or are we starting to begin to see the bi-product?

Without a negative pulse that shocks your human energetic systems into overload, you wouldn’t be able to receive the molecular regenerative positive.

We are just like a battery in a car. When it dies it needs a positive charge to restart its engine. When our internal batteries are depleted we need to be recharged.

How do we do this?

By diving into our internal metrics system. You can awaken the ghost in your host through creativity. Everyone is creative, it is not confide to specific subjects. Tapping into your creativity alleviates dark pulses that are draining your energy. The low needs a recharge and how we do this is by being creative.

Cooking dinner, make it a ritual, crafting furniture, sweeping the house with music, dancing to play, building an engine, inventing a science phenomenon. It doesn’t matter the method, what matters is the charge. Release to undo the damage.

Re-calibrate the human house so it can be allowed the fluid energy to unfold.

We are all dancers in this world, dancing is play, how do your wish to play? Ask this question to yourself each morning, what you will begin to notice is a creation process, the process of finding purpose within oneself.

One begins to dream, and dreaming is where the desired transformation begins to happen. Dreaming is a gift we all have. Start today. Free your mind to explore.

Embracing all the starts and stops of ones life are truly little blessings that can ignite a more frequent consistency of flow. Break down the barriers of fears by living in the present. Acknowledging the movements within one, needed to glide.

The greatest love, is the version of oneself when nothing matters but the present. When the layers of the onion are peeled raw, vulnerable and bleeding. The greatest inventions come when you are in the present, listening to your heart and feeling the force from within.

So is pain really torturous?

Maybe not so bad after-all. There-in lies the beginning of a journey that has depth, dimension and excitement. What one can dream into existence is ever so delicious. By dreaming and adding a touch of pure passion one can begin to put dreams into action.

The pain and grief felt in the heart, has no questions, and our minds don’t have the answers. So what is left?

Dreaming, Dancing, Delivering.

Sounds like it’s time to get creative, eh?