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When the police got to his apartment after the missing calls were answered, all that they could find was a single mirror hanging in a barren room. On the frame of the mirror were strange etchings scrawled along the bottom length of it.

It is said that Supernova, although rejected outright from the author’s previous company, was published through a smaller independent publishing company which was just starting out.

But the book Written in the Stars, as rumors have it, was a book never fully completed. Many still believe that there were two authors although despite what the author claims a second person connected with the book of Written in the Stars has never been found.

While multiple witnesses have come forward saying they have seen one of the authors walking the streets late at night holding a large binder under his arm.

Meanwhile other witnesses have seen him frequenting various parks. He is said to have visited at least one park a day also while holding a binder in one hand, a pen in his other as he would continue to write down his thoughts into the binder. T

he mystery company Fractal Beginnings which supposedly published Written in the Stars was never found to have existed. After an investigation was started it was found that there are no actual buildings in the location of 1111 Fantasy Dr. on Tree and Synch road.

The state ImagPhiBeta has never been known to exist and the country Dreem T. BAKLEIT turned up another dead end. Later it was found when it came to the book Written in the Stars, from one city to the next, everyone seemed to have a different experience with how they discovered it.

The following are some of the various witnesses own accounts

Bystander 1

I was walking alone down a dark alley. 
I was lost and as I stumbled past some garbage, I felt my face making it’s way to the floor, so I stretched my hand out and grabbed the closest thing possible to help keep me from hitting the ground.

Oddly that was the book Written in the Stars.

When I grabbed it I didn’t feel any ledge underneath where it was held, but when I regained my balance there was an entire platform with rails and all.

I didn’t feel any bars when my hand first reached for something, but there it was lodged in between two bars nice and snug. 
It was impossible, but it saved my life. I don’t know how to explain it! Do you?

Our family always wanted to visit the paradise cities.

Never did we imagine that such an opportunity would come into our lives.

So when it did we welcomed it with open arms and caught the first flight out. Wouldn’t you? When our plane landed, the family and I reached the terminal gates leaving the airport.

I swear I could see a shimmer coming from the artfully crafted fountain. I think it was a Monet or someone or another who designed it.

Well that’s what I was told. 
Anyway, as I went to investigate the reflecting glare, quickly before the authorities could see me, I hopped up on the wall.

Without thinking I dove my hands into the water.

There were so many people looking at me.

I thought, any minute my first time visiting a tropic paradise was going to be my first visit to jail.

My family were so embarrassed and quickly they scurried out of sight.

I can’t blame them though.

As I pulled my hands out of the water, now grasping the shiny thick item, the words Written in the Stars were the first thing that I noticed.

They seemed to shimmer up until it was out of the water.

The weirdest part was throughout the event, no police ever came to harass me.

People standing close by seemed to not even take notice of me. It was crazy! The book!

The book itself was dry as a dehydrated bone!

Do you think that is even possible?

I don’t know it was almost magical.

It took me back to when I was a kid. I’d do it again in a heart beat.

Bystander 2

I never camped before.

So I was leery about going in the first place. But after much convincing my friends swayed me enough to take the plunge.

So I did.

One day while the group set out to search for berries and mint I stayed at camp.

I knew how far I could go without getting lost, so I wandered through the trees a little bit.

I kept feeling that I needed to investigate this place for some reason.

It was almost like something was calling me or I don’t know…As I wandered toward the rocks of the mountain a small chipmunk appeared from the rocks.

I swear I’m not making this up and I didn’t take any kind of well you know…..altering medication.

That’s when it happened.

Appearing right there before my eyes.

I followed the chipmunk for about 5 minutes. Well it felt like 5 minutes until it finally disappeared into a tree.

This time it ran up it’s trunk.

I stared up the massive trunk, and while taking the full 20 ft tree into view my foot nudged something hard.

I figured it was just a stone buried deep within the ground, but as I brought my eyes to the trunk again I scanned the floor briefly.

An edge seemed to be sticking out from the dirt.

Quickly I began to dig out what came to be the book Written in the Stars and it was insane.

I never experienced anything like that before.

To be honest I never read a book in my life, but I don’t know, it seemed to be something like fate you know? I mean who knows?

Maybe me reading the book was Written in the Stars haha.

Anyway, all I do know is that after reading it, I was hooked on reading all kinds of books.

Whoever the guy is, he deserves an award or something.

Next year I’m getting my doctorate because of that book. There is definitely something impossible about it.

Theories have been constructed with the belief that Written in the Stars is in fact a codex compilation of mystical teachings and spiritual science. 
One scientist by the name of Frida Macantower was proven to have found the cause of energy motion due to the very formulas embedded within the text.

He has said on multiple accounts “ the potential to discover the workings in life that supplies the universe, mankind, creatures, and the inspiration that burns within the heart’s of all beings is contained within it’s eternal pages.”

However not everyone’s experience with the book has led to a pleasant encounter. One scientist has offered an exact opposition to Frida’s theory.

Snide Quevelant has offered following quotes in response to Frida

“such madmen equalizing juxtapositions about eternal blatherings should be kicked out of the science industry along with any credentials those scientists had previously been awarded for”

“the works of said inspired genius is no less than the loose wanderings of a confused paralyzed mental case and if anyone allows themselves to be taken by such a flounder of perspective they deserve their end results”

“if Frida would spend more time experimenting with evident truth’s he wouldn’t go on about a truth he obviously created from reading paper trails which lead to cowering the intellect in which he now squanders effortlessly”

Regardless of the opposition, Frida still holds his ground when it comes to his proven theory.

Many counter responses have been recorded by the Scientist Frida asking Snide to reveal the evidence he so proudly recognizes.
One quote has Frida calling out Snide about his investigations into the text itself.

“if Snide is so sure about the madness that is offered from the text how come he hasn’t investigated the madness of the text himself, to fully know the evidence of his forthcoming admissions?” “I call Snide to the test with the text. If there is any fallacy within it’s reaching than I will resign myself and Snide can take my place as the highest authority when it comes to new science and with my personal recommendation.”

Despite Frida’s remarks, there has never been a reply from Snide on whether or not he would engage in the challenge Frida set forth.

Still there are chilling examples of the books reach.

Bizarre examples making Written in the Stars both compelling and baffling when it comes to any logicality of understanding.

The Fourth Act of Star Writers have come into their own as a new and currently growing following of the book. The organized society goes by the acronym SW4 and they offered the following quote pertaining to their organizations true intentions

“It’s out of the sheer need to find the original star writers”.

Highly recognized, endorsed, and supported by the hippie community they go around the globe sharing their love for the book and how it affected their own individual lives personally.

Since the group started it’s been through 3 different phases. When it began as a small group of 11 they called themselves locally The First Act of Stars.

During their second phase which began reaching multiples of 30 a day with their meetings, they quickly became The Second Act of Star Understanding.

The third phase has been difficult to accomplish due to a lack of funds, but an overabundance of followers is presently meeting in forests around the country.

It’s communities now convene inside the members own home built granite cabins.

This third incarnation is known as The Third Act of Star Knowledge. After it’s most recent phase it announced it’s goal to become global with the final phase becoming universal dimensional.

The new phase now called The Fourth Act of Star Writers otherwise known as SW4 intends to bring the book and the experience of it’s readers to the forefront of every nation, state, and country.

A small section of their group has attracted many translators from various countries and they intend to visit all countries as their movement moves forward.

There have been many more volunteers coming forward looking to get involved to lend their help through medicine and other services in the countries they intend to visit.

Since it’s birth The Fourth Act of Star Writers has now over 11 thousand members and the community is growing by the day. When asked about the multiple phases of their name within their organization the following was given as a response.

“We look at it as more of growing into our own. When you plant a seed the seed needs a lot to help nurture it into the light. We offer the seed, the soil, the water, and as a whole along with each member collectively and individually we lend the light that’s needed to keep it growing.” “Don’t look at them as phases. It’s the evolution of an idea. We are the first to cultivate a physically mental idea while simultaneously guiding its growth. This has allowed it to evolve all on it’s own. It’s no different than the caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. The idea was the larva, it has now transformed into a caterpillar, and you know what’s coming next!”

Surely there are many who still feel that the movement along with the book are both something completely different.

They state “that it’s not just the book Written in the Stars. It’s also a diary of hope. A diary of a man with a dream. A journal, logging events a man had experienced personally. It’s more than a story, but it’s not a story at all at the same time. It’s timeless yet it appeared from out of time. It’s the acknowledged dreamworks which constantly move in the sleeping. It could be called a codex of conscious imagination or an imaginative conscious codex. Any term you use it’s beyond logic and from a logic of the beyond.”

The mystery surrounding the book is what continues to capture the minds and hearts of the world. And as long as the peoples heart’s are speaking out, believing in something beyond common rationale, Written in the Stars will continue to capture new hearts through each generation far into the future. 
Maybe it’s the mystery that drives us to the book, maybe it’s the book that attracts us to the mystery. Either way it looks like it’s got your attention.

Oh thats something we can’t discuss now. Not until you read the book of course!

For NewstoYou I’m Sally Benefeld signing out. May your dreams be remembered and we’ll see you again in the rising! Good night folks.

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