The Soul knows

  • You see class, everything is connected and to prove this theory I will share with you an experiment that I did recently, which will also give us the opportunity to explore it together in this class. The questions I present to you is “Was science given to us to translate it as the true language used by God? Given so that humanity and God could have conversations? Discussions? So that all living creatures could one day sit down one on one with God? And did he do this by allowing us to investigate the universe for ourselves while he/she guided us every step of the way?” This is some heavy stuff class, but it’s exactly where we will be going. If you aren’t up for this I respect your decision and you have my blessing to leave the class today. If however you are curious enough to search for the answers to the unknown then it will behoove you to stay aboard the ship to see how many secrets this class when working together, can uncover from the universe? Any questions?
  • Throughout the room a silence merged with the environment. Thoughts in the students minds for once went black, while eyes bounced back & forth looking at each person sitting quietly. Professor Frida stood with a witty smirk watching the uncomfortable tension that was beginning to manifest into the room. It was planned, but it felt like it was. He wondered quietly to himself, watching as the experiment slowly started to unfold. The professor would now become a witness to something that was already in progress. It thrilled him to be a participant with something so fresh and unexplored. As he waited patiently for the students to react he continued acting like everything was normal. Suddenly a row of students were at the door griping to one another “This isn’t what I signed up for…” “I can’t believe I wasted my money on this S*#t! I’m complaining to the board!” “You better hope my father doesn’t find out Frida!”. As the last of them proceeded to evict themselves from the room the whispers meandered through the remaining students heads. Becoming echoes of their worries, their confusion, and worst of all their doubts.
  • I see a brave 32 of you remain. That’s courageous of you and I applaud your conviction to as they say ride out the storm. I promise you companions that you will not be disappointed. And yes because you are putting your blind trust in me I am willing to put my trust in all of you. As we go forward with this new exploration, which you will directly participate in, together we will unmask the illusion for what it truly is only with the hopes of revealing the true purpose for why we are all here. Not only in this class engaging in the unknown, but for even more philosophical reasons. To find out why we are here in this life and what our purpose could be. Everything we do together in this class will be individually validated to yourselves and as a whole. This has never been attempted, but I believe the universe has brought us together so that we could attempt such a feat. And in this class companions we be able to leave here with physical data, validated evidence, and replicated proof to give to the world. God speed friends and I’ll see you tomorrow to begin the first step of our journey. Thank you again for having faith in me and each other.
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