Free tool: Save time grabbing your Wistia video thumbnail image

Stop wasting time downloading, resizing and reuploading thumbnail images

I frequently have to get the thumbnail for a video to reference in a blog post for a co-worker, make a marketing image, or use as a featured image for a blog post in HubSpot.

I was aggravated by the time consuming process of getting a proper sized optimized thumbnail. The process goes as such:

  1. Navigate to Wistia
  2. Navigate to the video project
  3. Click on the video
  4. Using the Video Actions button to select Download and select the image option
  5. Open the file up in Photoshop
  6. Resize the photo and optimize it
  7. Then finally upload it to HubSpot’s File Manager

This takes a while, especially if I have to add a lot of posts. So to solve my problem I made the Wistia Thumbnail Generator.

It’s a free, open-source tool to get the Wistia thumbnails for your marketing and web development needs.

  1. All you need to do is enter your Wistia account subdomain (if the URL to your Wistia account is your subdomain is samuraiworld)
  2. Enter the URL of the Wistia video you want the thumbnail for
  3. Enter the width and aspect ratio* you want the thumbnail in and push the button

* Note that the width and height use a crop function, so make sure your height matches the aspect ratio of the video.

Once you’ve provided that information you’ll get the URL for your thumbnail.

And that's about it! It's a super simple, but super useful little tool I made to save me (and hopefully you) time!

Feel free to fork my code to improve on it for your own use or even send me pull requests for features you think other people might want! Don’t hesitate to email me either!

Update: You can now add the Wistia play button on top of your thumbnail as well!