Necessity of Fair Treatment to Intelligentsia

A simple logical treatise to justify keeping in high regard, the historians and other scholars, journalists and political scientists et cetera, and to disregard certain sets of intelligentsia which calls for unfair treatment to parts of itself.

Downfall of a society can be measured by its treatment of intelligentsia.

Intelligentsia, by virtue of its analysis and portrayal of reality of human condition, creates ideological justification for social practices. When a society starts deeming its intelligentsia unworthy or redundant, it paves the path for ultimate collapse of civilisation as we know it; and that collapse doesn’t ensure any other productive event or activity.

When violence, either physical or verbal, is perpetrated over the scholars & academics, historians & journalists, the roots of logic and reason start to rot; as this violence directly implies that for a practice, a society no longer needs ideological justification but is willing to work on its whims and impulses, much like any other species of animal kingdom.

Not only it is clear to derive that such a society endangers the process of evolution of conscious thought, but also it can be observed throughout history that extremities of such a behaviour includes a state of human existence which rejects all the knowledge and wisdom we have collectively gathered thus far and collapse into clutter. That too for the sake of an impulse we have been conditioned to believe by the those who gained from violence immensely. An impulse that violence is necessary for survival. Contrary to this belief, studies point out that humans ensured its survival against predator more apt in violence than them, because they gathered its constituents to form a symbiotic-relationship entity called society.

It is a possibility that some parts of intelligentsia itself, find this violence reasonable or justified. Considering such a set, which includes people who see affairs from a different viewpoint and interpret it wholly or partially with error, there is no other reason for this divergence but that certain propaganda motivates it.

There is great divergence in intelligentsia but it is always fairly systematic. This divergence, over the course of time and in light of new facts and evidences, may get convoluted into a singular ideological stand. But this special set of intelligentsia can justify violence to other members contradicting its stand, because inherently it knows that the divergence it has reached from other people of facts and logic is not justified through reason and unbiased interpretation of facts, but is only justified through impulsiveness and giants leap of faith with no bridges of logic in between.

Hence it becomes significant that, at first, a society dismiss this set because this set, although comprising of intellectuals ,does not work on intelligence but on sheer impulse.

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