how to buy a smartphone, the smart way

  1. if u are planning to buy an iphone, why are u reading this???? just buy the latest one, u dum dum
  2. first, (cos this is actually the first step but nevermind) go through several articles/videos on the best phones. just google search and pick a bunch of phones
  3. well if you are in a tight budget, fear not, there are also articles/videos that specifically cater to cheap phones
  4. lets say u want to be different, or you are specifically “that guy who talks about his phone too much” avoid samsung. or else just do like other non-iphone user out there are doing, buy a samsung. seriously, just buy it. the s7(the latest one by the time im writing this) is good tho
  5. get a bunch of phones you think you prefer. check the reviews, video reviews, comparison with the other phones that you choose.
  6. then search the price online. search everywhere, even in places that cannot post to your country like effing amazon, or places that you can’t even read like taobao. and even places that so far, you need to wait for 2 months to recieved your phone, like what, are people that patient these days? for sure people are lazy as a cat, even clicking a link is the biggest problem of the day(and that person is certainly not you, coz u did click a link to get here, don’t you?)
  7. the u get the price, and if you cannot afford it, weep a bit and repeat from step 2(that is the first step, err ok)
  8. remember to keep watching videos about the phone where people keep shitting on little stuff that doesnt matter like NFC or app drawer or because it is not samsung, opps
  9. make sure you have search forums like xda, lowyatdotnet(if u are in malaysia obviously), reddit for real people review coz the people you have been watching on youtube unboxing stuff are most likely too famous to tell the truth and praise just for the sake of views.
  10. compromise is a strong word and u need it if you settle down with a budget phone. but even with an expensive one, you still compromise because not all phones are perfect, just like the s7 edge, where the edge is on the front not at the back where it fits the hand the most dammit
  11. after you think you are ready to buy this phone, don’t forget to test it on your own hands. go to a brick and mortar shop and test it out. the size, screen size, the weight, all is important coz at least you are stuck with this phone for a year or two, and the last thing you want is a phone that is too small its like an iphone 4s.
  12. finally, a new phone comes out. repeat from no 2. which is actually the first step but what ever.
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