That New Year feeling

It’s up to you, 2018

I’m the type of person who really enjoys self-improvement: self-reflection, making lists, trackers and promising all kinds of things for New Year’s. Whether it’s exercising more, writing more, eating healthy, re-inventing my wardrobe — I’ve made that promise to myself, and probably ended up breaking it.

You do it too, I bet. Changing a habit is difficult, and I’m not here to tell you how to do it. One of my troubles that I’m also the type of person who gets very easily overwhelmed by the demands placed on me, even when I’m the one making those demands. Goals start to seem unreasonable, when you end up promising yourself you’ll do a hundred things before sun rise.

The truth is, things are always hard to start, and easy to do once you get the momentum going. But you can’t sit around, waiting for inspiration to strike — you got to start immediately. You know it, I know it. Let’s make 2018 the year when we kick this habit for good.

The happy discovery I made in 2017 is that I’m also very much in the process of becoming the type of person who is still very excited about list-making, self-reflection and the like, but also very relaxed about the follow-up. At 23, I’m just feeling very content and comfortable.

2017 was the year when I graduated, I lived in (on the grounds of) a palace, completed a fun and transformative internship and met some incredible people. I said goodbye to too many good friends, a town and a country that had been my home for nearly three years. I cried over each and every change that came (I’ve been a bit of a crier all my life), but I also never felt like it wasn’t the right time to go.

First new skill of 2018 — making a gif

Now, it’s 2018. I’m sat at my parents’ home, unemployed and having spent most of my money. I don’t have a concrete plan on what to do next, and honestly — that’s exhilarating! Last year was great, but I’m ready to make the most of this one.

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