A blooming Poet from Mars searching for his Venus, swirling in his universe, passing through many stars, long long way to reach his destination, encounters many, discovering, challenging, obeying, rejecting, accepting, twinkling stars everywhere, ONE was shining like a shooting star sparkling in a different way, curious approaching, wondering if this is his Venus, here the cosmic conversation started to be startled, Poet versus a Poeta, competing for the spiritual aims with no games, cyclone after cyclone of words, uniting to that Acme, where each flew very high reaching what’s beyond the sky, after the natural nature’s tempest each parted away, that poet reached his Venus, and that special shooting star kept on shining looking at that Poet united, smiling that he is in his haven looking back at her from far far away thanking her to be the reason, to that she will be immortal throughout his citations whenever his words will be spread among the nation and future generations.

Who knows after that, these 2 souls might reborn as the new Adam and Eve in their Garden of Eden without that apple, generating sinless world, all because of that Poet & shooting Star that met for that reason…. Where history stayed always a mystery…….with no misery……………..

Mirvat Sarkis ©

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