Twitter: Your new comments widget for any sites

Hey, @twitter! How are you? Yep, I have a tip for you.

Today I read some interesting post about “A Brief History of the End of the Comments“. I agree with a problem of comments, but I think the main problem not in the content type.

I mean, we shouldn’t see on this problem because we live in the modern world and we all have a right to say what we want. Also, this right name a freedom of speech and when somebody say something unwanted (usually — true) and if many people support this unwanted true, many magazines

And everybody has a right to share their minds to other people. This is your main concept, right? Ok, hold it.

What you have? You have a few type of users:

  1. Users, who generate most powerful, actual and impressive news, posts and videos (new makers, online magazines, blogs, etc).
  2. Users, who read and share this most powerful, actual and impressive news, post and videos.

How these two different types connected right now? Only in Twitter via re-tweets, replays and likes. Maybe you do not understand, but this is the active connections from one live object to other. And this is very important connections (sometimes most important than newsbreak) because it based on occasion and positive, neutral or negative people reaction on this occasion. And as I said earlier, nobody has a right to exclude the possibility say what someone want. Just because different minds this is a parts of one whole.

Ok, go next. You have the real users, who read the news and posts and who know how to say something important correctly and short. This people quote tweets and say their minds about theirs.

Guys, this is a ready platform (or widget) for site comments!

You have users with the audience who share viral content (online magazines). You have a users, who read this content (magazine readers) and ready to share this content with comments to other people (friends). Your case for small — to merge this together — on the site where the content is published.

This is a clean “win-win” model because:

  • Sites use your comment widget and attract more web traffic from Twitter (because comment = quote tweet).
  • Users have a chance to quick comment and automated share their thoughts in Twitter.
  • You increase more content inside Twitter and promote your service among the current and new users.

It’s very simple — use news page URL to find, collect and to show all tweets about it inside comment widget. Easy way show what people from the around the world think about this.

You could add some sort functions:

  • sort by date (time of tweet);
  • like sort by discussions (replays);
  • sort by popularity (likes).

How many users you already have? 316M monthly active users, who post 500M tweets every day. You have a great list of functions in your “Twitter for developer“, which could be extended with new powerful service.

Some of your users said: “Twitter is your window to the world“. You should be this window.

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