Norton Security: A Complete Security Program

A good antivirus program is a critical part of any PC software suite, and one of the best options is Norton Security 2015, which includes a sleek, well-organized interface, a top-notch antivirus engine and many other security and privacy features.

For 2015, Norton has radically simplified its product line. It once sold three different tiers of Windows products at different prices, ranging from basic protection to an advanced suite, but Norton now has just one product: Norton Security.

Overall, the clean, easy-to-use interface conveys appropriate seriousness without feeling heavy or overbearing, and explains Norton Security 2015's features in clear language.

Norton Security 2015 has a strong selection of features packed into a tight, elegant and fluid interface. We particularly like the range of helpful scans and the Identity Safe feature for securely storing passwords and sensitive information.

Yet an intermediate-tier antivirus package at an affordable price range should have family protection built-in. Other absent features, such as hardened browsers or “rescue” partitions, can be found on some inexpensive “starter” antivirus products, and most of Norton’s competitors offer discounts for installation on one PC instead of the standard three.

Norton Security 2015 offers seamless, pain-free protection, but so do rival products that cost less, especially when fewer PCs are involved. Because of its generous licensing arrangements, Norton Security 2015 offers the best value to a family, or an individual, with more than three devices to protect across multiple platforms.

The new Norton Security simply gives you the best of Norton for the many ways you connect with your PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets. Get comprehensive protection that’s specialized to secure your favorite devices. Stay safe wherever you go with proactive web protection, mobile device location, advanced privacy technology and more. It’s one solution for the different ways you connect.

  • Question: how many devices can i install the Norton Security on what are the difference compared to Norton 360
  • Answer: You can protect up to 5 devices with the new “Security.” I had Internet Security which they no longer offer. Actually, they don’t seem to offer 360 anymore either, but I think Security has most of the same features.
  • Question: The key card will have the same type of code that you’ll get if you select the download code.
  • Answer: It’s mainly about how quickly you need the software, and if you want to be eco-friendly and not receive a physical package. The download code will get to you in a matter of minutes and generate no trash; the key card will be mailed, take a few days to get there, and you’ll have trash from the mail and card/packaging. I don’t know why they charge more for the one that doesn’t require postage.

If not sure still, you can know about more such Norton products by contacting Norton Chat support at not just the home brand, but many third-party service providers.

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