Life planning.

Like Tony Robbins says.. “There is success in producing a result.” Now the question is, what kind of result? Is the result that you achieve every day close to the level of quality and quantity that you desire? I think to myself everyday that chances are, I’m just a notch down from where I could be. And the reason for that may be not a strong enough execution but it is likely in my lack of vision. Vision is huge. Without vision the passion won’t matter. Most people overestimate what you can do in a year, and they…

Last breath.

A long life.. a life of experiences. A life filled with love from family, friends and his only wife. Now laying in bed taking the last breaths.. surrounded by family, friends and the one and only wife. With so much love in the room praying and comforting him through his last breaths with tears in everyone’s eyes singing to him I just couldn’t hold them in myself. Listening to his voice coming from my phone from the voice mails that he left me talking about solar and for me to stop by and visit I definitely couldn’t hold…

Passionate Connection

There’s a small group of people that are in a real passionate and committed relationships.. one that brings far more joy than sorrow… a type of relationship where you feel like you have a true partner in life. Why is that? I think of it like this.. the quality of our life is the quality of our relationships, and being clear of your intentions and honest has to be put into action from day one. By investing time and energy into cultivating a strong, loving connection with another person is important to be able to grow together into a meaningful relationship.


Do you have a passionate connection with your partner?

Stay Passionate My Friends. Share the ❤️


Listening to bad advice.

My 2 cents on this. Listening to others can be a huge set back. Having a vision is the exciting part but what can bring the confidence down is letting others tell you that it’s not possible.. that you won’t get anywhere. People will always talk.. people will always judge and hate.. that’s just what it is. Everyone just won’t understand you, and people always have something to say. It’s natural to care about what others think about us in every situation. A huge thing that I’ve noticed is that people will always have their 2…

Misael Avalos

Molding my life using my visions and words to inspire others. Entrepreneur at ❤️ Gods my 🔥 👻MisaTalks YouTube: MisaTalks Stay Hungry My Friends!

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