Credit: Transverse territory of an ostrich fern, magnified 250x.(Anatoly Mikhaltsov/Nikon Small World)

Quick Musings on Dissolving and Seeing

I argue that seeing the big picture is actually seeing the most basic form of reality. Surprisingly, we can consciously hack this state. By dissolving your identity for a second you enter a sharp state of awareness. I have been calling this “being in meta-mode.” It is a god-like view. Completely emptied of the illusion of self.

In our daily lives happens exactly the opposite. We spend most of our time in auto-pilot, not really paying attention to what is happening around us. This laziness has consequences. By only focusing your attention on your errands, tasks at work, and projects for the future, you are only narrowing down your vision. You get blinded by the illusion of the ‘next moment.’ You enter the antithesis of mindfulness. You become a sleepwalker, you lose track of the reasons behind what you are doing. This inevitably ends in feelings of dread and demotivation. You get lost. Pulled off from the present moment. Stuck. You dwell on the lowest level of mindfulness, trapped on the viscous substance of the ordinary.

But there is way out. I have experienced this ‘exit of the ordinary’ and stepped into astonishment in many forms. Below some of them.

Exercising ~ Consciously infusing oxygen into your bloodstream to the point of experiencing revelatory visions about the nature of reality. The powerful introspection that comes with flexing your muscles is created by the association between attitude and body control. During this state, you get to examine how performance and the self-conservation instinct is linked to your attitude towards effort. By harnessing this power you are in control of your character, because you have hacked the system that produces unwanted behaviours. The ego is weakened, disarmed.

Being in the wild ~ The overwhelming feeling of connectedness when we stand in Nature is the quickest form of seeing the big scheme of things. You immediately feel the pulse of all living things around by the pores of your skin. You take it all in. You are dissolved in the breath of the forest, carried away by the calming waves of the ocean, healed by the sound of rain. Inspired by the pace of forming clouds. One breath at the time, standing still, quietly… closed eyes. Then you get it.

Reading ~ Challenging your worldview by allowing the perspective of others sweep into your own cosmogony. Books are doors to psyche of another person. This connection is powerful because the knowledge that one person has accumulated is transferred to another mind. Then this effect is multiplied if we count the number of readers one single book could potentially have. A collective telepathic network of knowledge. Pass on the good news to survive. Your mind is dissolved into the meta hive-mind.

Appreciating art ~ Truth reveals to you when you attune yourself to the same wavelength of the object-art. Ego is suspended on the moment of this synchronization, because something else emerges that dissolves both, object and subject. This is the mysterious phenomena of beauty. Beauty is not a property of neither of those agents. Beauty is sensorial, you can only experience it when your identity is dissolved into the object. Beauty is truth.

Creating ~ When your abilities match the challenge you enter the zone. When the system you are consciously affecting gives you feedback you create a positive feedback loop around. The more you affect a system, the more you realize you are in control to reproduce the kind of results you set up to. During this state creating becomes natural, it just happens. Creativity is connecting the dots of what you already know and generate new knowledge. You remix the data of the collective mind. Only achievable by turning off your sense of pride.

Meditating ~ Going inwards will inevitable cause you to start connecting the dots. Everything you have experienced provides context to understand your current situation. New incoming information will find its right place in your worldview. In order for this process to happen, you necessarily require introspective work. I argue that absolute Truth is not attainable, however you can gain more pieces of it by exposing yourself to different perspectives. The more you experience the world the closer you get to the Truth. Your identity must be suspended to fully embrace these new perspectives of being.

Letting go ~ Accepting that fundamentally there is no ultimate pattern that runs the show, opens the way to see the true nature of reality. Existence is astonishingly complex and chaotic. Reality is “complexifying” itself, creating novelty as information evolves. Every phenomena could be interpreted as information. Since this high-speed mixing is taking place, all possible outcomes of the system will be tried out and worn out. This is a state of higher disorder. Contemplating chaos and entropy allows your mind to view the big picture.

Dancing in a loud concert of your favorite band ~ It is just losing yourself to a song. Allow your body to sync up with the melody. Do not judge any movement. Let it flow. Dance. Turn on, tune in, drop out.

All the above are just a handful. These are not character-dependant, they are natural states of the mind-body. Available for all to reach out and grab.

Seeing the big picture brings joy, fulfilment and contempt. You experiment a sense of wellness. Now you know how you fit into the larger story of us. A sea of complete calmness.