Which do you like typical old style princess or new generation princess?

I admire the Independent women. They spend time doing what they want to do. Moreover they do not care about so called “classic” lifestyle. I strongly believe they are not selfish but they are fighting it to get real life.

However, independent women have enemies. These come in different kinds: Physical conditions, social systems, and sometimes even their own partner or family. Basically, independent women fight loneliness and prejudice. While fighting, they are trying to crave out their own future.

Imagine “traditional” women. Most of us might only become valuable when after being chosen by a certain man. I do not mean only men but also society. I do not know about the current situation in other countries, but this is too often the case in Japan. I do no’t know other countries situation.

For example, Disney’s princesses are “picked” by their prince. They just wait for somebody to find them. On the other hand, some of Studio Ghibli’s princesses do not wait and confront hardship,like Naushika and San ; Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind and Princess Mononoke. They are princesses and try to protect their rights and world ; I use this example not for criticism to Disney and big praise to Ghibli. I love both of movies. I respect women who choice by themselves.

I think that Naushika and San have a common sense. It is maternal love. They have enemies and precious people.

The reason why I think so is that my mom do. She is freelance. Many people depend on her and she often think how to improve her skill.

The Independent women are totally lonely. Nobody understand their painful. But they do not just keep being serious. They do no’t forget love and smile. They help many people.

I can choice the way classic type. But I can no’t help stopping live in the modern way because I have some dreams and do not want to lie to myself.