My worst experience with Giveaway contest

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A few days ago, when I was surfing Facebook on my phone, I saw someone posted an article about Growth eCom Tools Lifetime Giveaway Contest. It was a very cool contest for people like me who could use those tools for our daily work. Of course, I joined without a second thought. concept is similar to and which is not new in the market. So running their own Giveaway Contest is a good way to attract more people (potential customers).

The registration process was simple and plain, they sent me an email to confirm and 10 points for verifying my email. The rules were simple, the more points you have the higher chance you win. Fair enough!

You can get more point by doing some pre-defined actions, for ex: Like their FB, Join their FB Group, Review their course…etc. Each action will give you different points.

But to get past 500 points, you have to refer people to register through your link. Each person you referred will give you 100 points. At the time I joined the contest, the 1st position had 10k points, the 2nd had 5k points. To get in top 10, you must have at least 1k points.

I was so into that contest with “must win” thought in my mind. First I tried to find the Contest’s Term/Rules to follow but found nothing but a line said that “You can’t refer yourself or you will be disqualified”. Ok, I understood.

Next thing I thought: How to win this contest? I have to get at least 5k points to sit in top 3. That will give me a higher chance to win for sure.

Before doing anything that costs money, I sent my ref link to all my friends on FB and emails. I messaged them and instructed them to register. I got about 10 friends joined, so 1k points for me. That action gave me sit into top 20 position.

But I’m a greedy person so I decided to start a FB Ads campaign for my ref link. (I still follow the contest rules) And here was the result:

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That was a smart move for me, I was happy to see my points going up every day. Yesterday, I got 5k points and hold #3 spot tightly. I was so close to #2, only 1–200 points to get that position.

And BAM! They slapped me in my face. I’ve been disqualified for the reasons below. They didn’t show any proof so I doubt that they just don’t want to give rewards to people “not on their list”.

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Without notification, that’s all I get after spending a lot of time and money to promo their Contest. I try to find support on their Contest page but found nothing.

So I decided to give up and move on. But will be on my blacklist from now on and I will never recommend them to anyone.

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