Tackling the Refrain that Nightmares ‘aren’t real’

(Photo courtesy of Rise and Shine)

A Peek into the Ocean’s Most Mysterious Cetacean

(Blue whale, courtesy of WorldWildlife.org)

All you ever did was give.

(Rosemarie Carola Hilpert in Germany, circa 1941

An Account of the Missing Lonergans

(Tom and Eileen Lonergan, photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

Yama, the Lord of Death, eventually comes for us all. Here’s how the Buddha’s teachings help me prepare

(Photo courtesy of Mitja Juraja via Pexels)

First Messenger

The Mystery of whether Big Cats can seek revenge

(Photo courtesy of Rishabh Pandoh via Unsplash)

Could Terror Be Stalking A South Carolina Lake?

(Photo courtesy of Perfect Duluth Day)

The trauma and medical mystery of seeing through the eyes of ‘Something Else’

(Photo courtesy of Pexels)

A Tale of Floridian Regret

(Photo courtesy of Paul Seling via Pexels)

Scientific? Surreal? …or extra-terrestrial?

(Photo courtesy of The Guardian)

Brown Lotus

I am Könchok: wife, mom, polyglot, and multiracial upasikha. I am a woman of no people and no homeland; I’ve made my peace with that. Proud meningitis survivor.

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