journey from dreaming to Reality

Mr Edhi always believing on hard work and amal principle of progress work work and work . As he always looking for ways to help people,when he join garment shop he work hard and build his trust to the owner of the shop.keep working and save a penny and then invest for buying shares of a company. he sale pencils and match box in street he never feel shy. I can associate his example on my life event where i was striving for my future and how i give my extra time to my study and how i criticized by friends.i never stop thinking about success.i follow my dream by determination and hard work. i learn from it no one own the title of success anyone can take it but with consistency and handwork then a day will come when you will be a champion.

my goals were to have enough courage to talk to my took almost 2 weeks to talk to we are living in Pakistan where families not talk about issues.second goal was to took admission in school where my junior will join me as my class that time and age its so embarrassing.i want to achieve that goal because my inner was not satisfy with me.i want to be best daughter best student who can do everything. i am brave.the biggest challenge in that journey was to confront with my brutal fact which was i am looser.

i experienced a courage which is still i own that “nothing is impossible”.just believe on your creator and yourself and promise to you yes “i Can Do It”.it is my self learning which leads me towards where i am today and where i want to be in future.i learn to confront your brutal fact then you gather the power to make it next step will be to be a entrepreneur.