Women Empowerment

We are working on the project of ‘Women’s Empowerment’. The purpose of this project is to aware young girls why is it important for a girl to be educated and what happened if they are not educated. Target population of this project is the young girls of 3 different girls school. We can aware them by a presentation on ‘Women’s Empowerment’. We have also contacted to at least 5 different schools of Lahore via email, telephone or in-person.

The biggest obstacle is to find the appropriate day and time provided by the school authority because we don’t want to waste the precious time of the students. So, we are in touch with the authority of schools. And we have completed 70 % of the presentation work. We have also planned refreshment for the students so that the feel fresh and energetic.

We are hoping that this project will make a long lasting impact on the minds of girls and they do not feel any hesitation to take initiatives to be an empower girl of the society.

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