1 COMMUNICATION:In total quality management communication is most important due to that my future communication skills have change before that i was low in communication and quiet always

2 FAST BASED DECISION MAKING:In total quality management communication the fast based decision making are based on the analysis of information due to that my changes are that i will analysis my problem first because it was my habit to make quick decision without analyze the problem.

3 CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENT:In total quality management continual improvement is based on the one company focused only on overall performance for the object in which my changes are that in future i will focused to my career growth so that my habits of non -serious would be change

4 STRATEGIC AND SYSTEMATIC APPROACH:In total quality management strategic and systematic approach means company vision,mission and goals to be achieving so it is our like life goals in which my goal towards life for need to be change in the direction of focused on daily life routine so that my daily routine habits of unplanned would be change.

5 PROCESS -CENTERED:In total quality management process centered means focus on process thinking of steps which describe each process of life quality in which i have decide the changes are to be needs process of plan in job interview.