Building and scaling UGC platform from 0–1 Million Users for Bharat

Discover. Curate. Shop. Earn.

1. Founding team

Led by a team with relevant skills & entrepreneurial energy

2. Community Building

Some of our users love
Community Meetup

3. Scale

4. Acquisition Channels

5. Change from Product driven to Product Growth driven

Result: 300% growth of sharing of content MoM. 50% growth MoM in our creators community.

6. Growth engineering

Marsplay Family




Building something new 💻 | Previously Product Growth @pulseqa @movewithpursuit @Toymailco | Build @thecibola

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Thanks to all the people that invested start up capital in our business.

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Misbah Ashraf

Misbah Ashraf

Building something new 💻 | Previously Product Growth @pulseqa @movewithpursuit @Toymailco | Build @thecibola

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