Introducing Toymail Cloud for Talkies

The mobile phone re-imagined for kids

When we started Toymail, our vision was to make toys that could evolve. Today we launch the Toymail Cloud for Talkies, a constellation of apps that expand the capabilities of our toys, and with that, our vision has become a reality.

Probably the best thing about the development of the Toymail Cloud platform is that it was built as a direct response to the features that our early adopters (both kids and parents) said they wanted to see in our toys.

So it includes apps like Remindie, which turns the Talkies into a kind of audible calendar for kids that reminds them when it is time to start their homework, do their chores, brush their teeth, get ready for school or head out to a birthday party. And the app Sleepie, which turns the Talkies into a bed buddy, issuing soothing sounds to get them to sleep (even friendly exhortations when necessary). It includes an app called TalkieTalkie, which lets kids voice message each other directly from their Talkies, and Voicie, which lets kids apply fun filters to their voice (obviously, that one is just for giggles).

Introducing Toymail Talkie

All of this is just a start. As we continue to build out the Toymail Cloud, we will onboard content partners so parents can curate stories, music, games, and other apps for their toys, giving kids access to so much rich digital content without them ever having to lay eyes on a screen (something you can see our co-founder, Gauri Nanda, pitch on Shark Tank here)

This kind of digital consumption is more active, more organic, and it is an industry that is about to boom.

Screen-free interfaces are going to be huge. Amazon Echo had around 15% penetration in families having more than 75k USD income last year. We’re finally on the brink of research meeting application in machine learning and natural language processing.

And with backing from the Alexa Fund, we are integrating the voice recognition software inside Amazon’s Echo into our next generation of Talkies. Kids will be able to Google, stream, and of course chat with their Talkies with zero chance of posting a selfie or serial clicking Youtube videos.

We know this is the future of toys, the future of tech, and we are proud to be at the intersection.

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