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“the law doesn’t support your conspiracy theory, you’re just going to ignore that and claim it does”

Here’s a law blog supporting what I said — if Rice’s intent was political then it’s a crime:

Is that impossible to prove? No, assuming that Rice won’t implicate herself, someone else could report conversations. But whether or not it can be proven, it backs up the point that it would be illegal if the intent was political and that was what Cernovich’s article implied, as I commented.

“Boy howdy, you righties sure do reach” I am righthanded, but not politically right by any criteria I can think of. I’m also not a political supporter of Trump. I’m anti-CIA and anti-FBI because of those organizations are criminal, dishonest, mass-murdering grifters. You can call that a “conspiracy” theory but you can also fill a library with books and articles containing objective evidence of that point.

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