10 years on iPhone

The same year I switched to my current employer, I changed from being a Nokia, Sony Ericsson, and Qtek user to using iPhone.

The first one I got was the newly launched 3G in 2008. It was just made available in Austria, and I checked it out in the inner city phone store. This was the time when phone displays had printed stickers on them, with better resolution than the actual display. It took me a second to figure out that I was looking at the actual pixels. When I got back to the office, I was the first one having it and people sat in a circle around me, still downplaying the device despite their lustry interest.

A year after, I needed a speed bump – much like everyone else. So I upgraded to a 3GS, but went for the black back despite the white option. I stuck to 8GB for the first few years.

I waited 3 years to get the 5 in 2012 (again in black), which I needed to have because of the larger screen. I didn’t like the 4 and 4S, honestly because that was the time everyone had these. The five was the only one I did an unboxing video in the office, where I recorded how amazed everyone was because of the light weight of the device.

Another size upgrade in 2014, when I also opted for the 32GB for the first time, after taking 16 with the 5. This was the lightest and thinnest phone at this size and I used it for another 3 years. I always liked the space grey models, and never used a bumper or cover.

Eventually in 2017, I went for the anniversary iPhone. This time I took the white back – a way to celebrate? No, really I just didn’t like the black one this time. To be specific, because the glass back didn’t reveal the design as much as the white one did. All in all, the X is best one I owned so far, despite being much heavier.

I now hold off for another couple of years, and wait for the next major iteration, which – in retrospect – seems to be my pattern.