10 years on Mac

The time I started working at my current company ten years ago was also the moment I switched from PC to Mac.

My first Mac was a 15“ MacBook Pro from 2008 that I inherited from my predecessor in the job, who went on maternal leave. It was big and clumsy, but gave me a good start into the Mac world of design. A nice primer, since my job was to design neatly looking interactive websites and apps.

I upgraded two or three years later to another 15“ MacBook Pro without the glass cover that then came into fashion (learning from iPhone). I chose that option to make better use of colors on the display, and be less distracted by the glass reflections (although I only worked in the office). This was a beast, because I packed it with the latest and best specs available. My graphics work became more intense, so I thought this was what I needed.

Soon, I took over a more concept-focused position and our biggest account in the agency – which on one hand meant more traveling and on the other more output in PowerPoint rather than Photoshop. So I opted for a MacBook Air with 13“ – remaining one of the few people who worked without a glass display.

In 2015, I went even further and upgraded (or let’s say, downgraded) to an 11“ MacBook Air to better fit my travel schedule, which was now at a level of at least two flights or train rides each week. It still was an upgrade, because I again packed it with the best specs available (except storage).

I work on the 11“ Air until today, and am now faced with a typical first-world luxury problem of making up my mind whether to move to a 10.9“ iPad, to the new (but larger) 13“ Air, or find a new mate in just the regular 12“ MacBook. In any case, I will need to have to adopt to a Retina glass display. Poor me.