2018 – the year Apple went all round

This is the first year Apple makes good with its vision of having as many rounded corners as possible. Not just in app icons, not just in outer shape of the industrial design, but now also in displays: In the last 2 months, Apple refreshed its three dominant product lines with all devices sporting round display corners.

First, Apple Watch went round

Second, all the new iPhones this season circled in

Finally, the new iPad Pro closed the loop

Seldomly made Apple such a swift and far-reaching change to its product lines. Here’s why Jony couldn’t wait:

»Traditional displays are absolutely rectilinear so when you get to the corners they are essentially square. Now, what I’ve always found disappointing is the way that the display is a distinct and discrete component with square corners, assembled into a design that seldom has a square corner.«
»If you look at the iPad Pro, though, you can see how the radius, the curve in the corner of the display, is concentric with and sympathetic to the actual enclosure. You feel it’s authentic, and you have the sense that it’s not an assembly of a whole bag of different components: it’s a single, clear product.«