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They Should Paint The Bay Bridge Gold

The bridges of San Francisco have a complicated relationship with one another. Almost a classic sibling tale, the Bay Bridge should have every reason…

The focus on network is great, but so many networks aim to personalize, to surround you with people and ideas you’re already familiar and comfortable with. These viral loops we all want sort of bias towards non-confrontation.

And I’d love to see Medium be different.

Have your publication editors prompt and moderate debates, make sure it’s easy to get to responses in one swipe…

On Facebook’s Instant Articles

Getting media organizations to care about speed and UX is great.

However, what worries me is that platforms are building these great tools but only giving access to a select group of “brands.” If these tools aren’t given to everyone then it kills the web as a tool of free, accesible expression. It becomes an expensive, Pay-to-Play Premium…

What it’s like to watch Steph Curry play basketball

Every three-point shot he takes, the whole of Oracle Arena collectively inches off their seats, holds their breath, and waits for the shot to swish through the net. If it doesn’t: we are shocked. Genuinely disappointed, because it happens with such frequency.

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Rewriting the operating systems of life.

Just some personal musings

I like this because it’s an efficient use of pixels. So many folks think that just because it doesn’t kill trees, it’s OK to publish a half-assed or rehashed article. It’s tiring to have sixty different individual posts on the same basic story. And it can’t be good for our attention spans.

Twitter used to be a place for simple opinions (and jokes), but then it became all about links and…

My internal gut checks for picking clients.

Here are my internal gut checks for picking clients. Some are similar in spirit to Ash’s, but I felt like sharing anyway.

Does the company have a purpose?

Not every company does important things like raise money for homeless people, but I need wherever I work to have a purpose that can be stated clearly…

The in-app sequel purchase

Not all games are created equally.

Monument Valley launched in the Spring of 2014 to universal acclaim. Eventually it would sell over 1 million…

The Elusive Superior Sequel

On the latest from Robert Rodriguez and an aside on follow-ups in general.

Some films are easier to define by what they lack. Sin City: A Dame

Last Mile Is Here

The last company you’ll ever need.

Today we are pleased to announce Last Mile, a company that will change the way you live your life everyday.

A Haggadah For Your Last-Minute Passover Seder

Short, nontheistic, and a perfect pairing with some tasty matsah ball soup.

Why You Should Consider Becoming A Robot

A Fake Advertisement From The Future

Life is depressing. You will eventually disappoint your parents, embarrass your…