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Do We Need to Sue Facebook?
Hank Green

Damn dude, you’re busy.

Maybe one thing to do, unless someone organizes a class-action lawsuit (or even if they do), is to call-out the repeat offenders who freeboot.

I get that it’s thousands of people, but certain pages (that are big, or verified, or venture-funded) are doing this all the time. And they’re doing it to get big so they can sell sponsored slots, or drive traffic to their own sites where they make ad revenue, or just so they’re well positioned if Facebook lets any page make money from videos. Letting them get away with this leaves them to profit off the hard work of other creators. We should call them out, mobilize people to find the original copyright holders of a few of these videos and get them to contact Facebook.

I get it why you may not want to work with Facebook or do work that they should be doing themselves, but this is a big problem that unfortunately can’t just be solved with a simple partnership. YouTube and Facebook will not work together and create an open-sourced Content-ID, so someone should build a community that cares about freebooting (or leverage one that has parallel motives).

You have the power to mobilize people and this is a worthy cause. I love that you’re trying to figure out a solution instead of just hammering on about the problem. But we can’t wait for Facebook to solve this, it’s time to take matters to the people directly.

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