“Relationships are harsh. You can be so committed to a point you’d want to run away with your partner, but things don’t work out, and it’s harsh when they don’t”

We talk about what was, what could have been
Threading through memories of a past long forgotten yet painfully present.

We laugh at the misfortunes that plagued us
Remembering the bitter moments that were somehow, beautiful.

We skirt around knowing a version of ourselves that we try so desperately to bury
Reflecting if we’d ever changed at all.

We tell stories of a conflicting present, and an uncertain future
Hoping that the decisions we make, and will continue to make are the better ones.

We pretend to know what we’re like, filling in gaps for the other. 
Ultimately wondering, if you’re still the you, that I remember.

Perhaps no more, perhaps not ever. 
I think these strangers know you better now

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