Day 9 — of the big move

After getting my hands on some drowsy medicine, I was looking forward to a good nights rest.

Now, the first 2 hours was brilliant. I was drugged up and sleeping like a baby. But from about 1am — 6am things started to get a little weird. I found my heart rate going from slow to fast, was conscious one minute and out cold the next, and was alternating between shivers and sweats.

But the one thing that really got me rolling in the aisles was finding this chat log this morning :

MiSha [6 Dec 2016 8:02 am]: 
Bad night
Are u asleep?
MK [6 Dec 2016 8:02 am]: 
No just heading to bed now
MiSha [6 Dec 2016 8:02 am]: 
Okay b
You’re my love
Even if u stand the wrong way
MK [6 Dec 2016 8:05 am]: 
Stand? How do I stand the wrong way!?

The effects of drugs ladies and gentlemen.

There isn’t much else to update on today. Aside from the fact that I found out my visa may take up to 24 weeks. I died a little inside and panicked for a good while. But soon realised there just isn’t any point in fussing about anything.

That’s all for day 9 — of the big move!

MiSha xx

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