How to Trade your BNT on MyEtherWallet (v1.3)
Asaf Shachaf

Wow, I’m sorry but these instructions really are terrible. First of all, why make the reader scroll back up to the top of the page to copy the addresses at every step, when you could just copy-paste them to the places they’re needed? Second, a lot of steps are left out — the guide completely glosses over many of the steps where the user needs to confirm the transaction by pressing “Send” and doesn’t mention whether the ETH value should be 0 in these cases. Third, for some strange reason MyEtherWallet often gives me -1 as a default gas fee — it would be helpful if you mentioned at every step what an appropriate gas fee should be.

But that would all be OK (sort of) if the process even worked. I followed it multiple times — to a tee, mind you —and every time the transaction fails to go through and I get the error “Bad instruction”. So far I’ve managed to receive around 8 BNT, and that was the first time I tried, where I’m pretty sure I messed up and followed the instructions incorrectly. After that I somehow managed to get 0.2 worth of ERC20 tokens, but I can’t convert them to BNT, as hard or as often as I try.

EDIT: They finally added the information to the blog postings that made the difference — the fact that it’s necessary to reset the value to “0” in step 5, if it’s not the first time, and then carry out the transaction a second time. I also had an easier time with Parity after a battle to get it up and running. The fact that Parity lets you save all the contracts, and specify the amounts in ETH instead of Wei, is a very nice touch.

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