I’m 23 and…

I’m 23, and 
My mother is 5,724 miles away from me,
My father, I haven’t spoken to for a while now, and 
My partner and I are separated by a misty glass.

I’m 23, and
It’s softly pouring around me;
Spring is announcing her presence but
I’m surrounded by darkness.

I’m 23, and
I’m worn out by my own expectations of rebirth, of newness, and others’ expectations of 
simply being.

I’m 23, and 
I still have not overcome the birthday blues, or
the emotional cues that directs one’s feet
towards the pool of utter gladness.

I’m only 23, but
I know that someday on this day,
my pocket will afford me a journey of my choosing-
Somewhere I’m nameless but steady,
somewhere I am mine.

For now, I’m 23, and 
I’m learning to just accept the breadth of life,
to explore the depth of my heart, and 
to seek the height of God’s love in humanity.

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