Spring Fever

Spring is giving me a fever

Telling me to wear red

Kick off my shoes

And dance around to the music of your flute


I’m leaving my chores undone

I’m following you outside

Letting the sunlight kiss my bare skin

and smiling because it stays light past seven


Tonight, I will gaze at the stars without freezing my ass off


Spring is chasing me down

The vernal faeries are tugging at my sleeves

and pulling my hair

They keep chanting like white noise:


Make Art!

Make Love!

Kiss someone!”

Their little voices are humming along

Buzzing sacrum to crown

up and down my spine

Laughing and frolicking

while casting spontaneous promptings

upon my verdant mind


Oh, the tide is returning!

Take your shoes off with me

Let’s run around like children

playing hide-and-seek for hours

until we find the right moment

to fold ourselves back into being


but a wave surrendering to

its own calling



Spring kisses upon you

Blessed be


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