I think the programming is partly biological.
Sumant Manne

The brokenness is all around. There is so much covering-up of the pain that men go through, unless it is portrayed in a violent and physical way (war, sports, fighting). Sadness, fear, grief and feelings of weakness or vulnerability are dangerous emotions for boys and men to express all over the world.

But facing the sickness caused by sexism is just as much about promoting safety and healing for men as it is for women.

The compassionate heart will harden if kept in a cage or a closet or swept under the rug.

Numbness or anger are often the only acceptable ways for guys to deal with suffering.

I am truly interested in your thoughts, Sumant. I am not a man and I can only share my observations. I am also raising teenage boys, and the issues of men’s liberation are very important to me.

Please say more, if you feel called.

Thank you ~~ Solana