I think..

-walks fast and trys to get away-

“You can’t hide what is real!!!”

-stops and sighs-

“You know I’m here I can help you ,please, your not alone anymore!”

-turns around and yells-

“But I am alone. Every sec of the day it is just me and my mind and Noone can help my thoughts.”

-walks forward-

“You stand there and get praised by everything and everyone and never have to think but for me I have to think cause if I don’t I let people in and if I let people in I get hurt.”

-stops and sighs-

“I only have my thoughts. I’m alone but I like it that way … I’m use to it.”

“But you don’t hav-”

“Yes I do. I know you want to help but helping only makes it worst and then what happens after it makes it worst? I think.”

There is no distraction to mask what is real
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