Lately I’ve been thinking

Of us

it’s like wanting to let you go but that’s like not letting oxygen in my lungs

It’s like wanting you to be here but that’s like telling a fake character to come out of the TV

It’s like knowing your there and seeing you smile but not getting the chance to see it in real life

It’s like I can’t . I don’t want to give up cause I can’t . I won’t . My mind won’t let me and so won’t my heart.

Your bad for me and I’m bad for you but as each year passes I can’t seem to get rid of you.

Your my first love and I’m hoping to be my last cause

As each year goes by I know I’m getting close and close to meet you.

I’m almost there and I’m running out of tears and pain

I just need to meet you . I need to know that I have someone . Someone who loves me for me

Someone who can’t stand a minute without not talking to me. Someone who loves to see me smile and someone I can tell things to and him saying ‘it’s ok’

Someone who all I have to do is one thing and they know what to do

Someone who knows me well and doesn’t back down because they will fight for me

Someone who has loved me and showed me how to love someone and changing my view on relationships

Someone who when I’m nervous or crying and my heart is pounding and it gets hard to breathe all I have to do is think about them and the pain goes away

Someone who wants me to be happy and be there for then I fall without even thinking

I need you and you need me and I will continue to wait .

I will wait five more years til I see you, meet you

You are my first love and I hope for you to be my last cause

I love you.
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