Apple Music is a game changer

Eye eye. Another Apple product is out, though this is severely different from any of their recent launches. For a start it’s much more functional, or should I say it’s function is much clearer. On top of this, it’s also affordable.

Here’s what it will allegedly look like.

Let me elaborate on affordable briefly. With the first 3 months being free, and then only $10 a month afterwards, it’s a direct competitor to Spotify. Not only that it has a radio station (Beats1)with hosts like Zane Lowe and gives you access to the entire iTunes Library. If anything Apple have managed to win at value for money here.

With the advertised seamless of connectivity to your phone and Siri it seems like a dream to me, though I’ve always favoured Apple so I’m guilty there.

Let’s see if they can stick to their 30th June launch date, but I’m hoping this has been worth the wait.

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