A Baby-Boomer’s Opinion on Video Games

After filming my “Define a Gamer” video, I really wanted to produce an entire video with Barb Haynie’s response. She talked for a lot longer than most of my interviewees, and I felt like it was important for other gamers to understand how older generations view our passion.

Unfortunately, the audio quality isn’t very good, so I would highly recommend turning on subtitles. Alternatively, I’ve pasted the transcript below.

Please give this video a giant thumbs up for Barb! She’s awesome.


How tired do I look today? Super tired?

Hi guys! So the video you’re about to watch today is a little bit different. I’ve been wanting to do this video for about a month now. Ever since I uploaded my define a gamer video. When I did that video I wanted to talk to my landlord because I wanted a response from someone who wasn’t in their twenties. And so I went to her and sure enough she had this really great response. It was a lot longer than everyone else’s. And so, I had to really really cut it down for the define a gamer video. However, I knew that at some point I really wanted to give her a full video with her entire response.

So I hope you guys watch this video all the way through. I think her response is really really interesting. And I think it helps give a perspective on our world from someone who is in a different generation who doesn’t even play video games. So anyway guys. if you like this video please give it a thumbs up. I’d love to hear from you in the comments, um, what your opinion on this whole matter is. And as always, don’t forget to subscribe. And I will see all of you lovely Martians next week.

I will tell you that, I wouldn’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings but, because I’m like 68 years old, I used to think that gaming was a big waste of time and probably a bad influence.

There was some question as to whether the violence in video games was carrying through to real life like with the school shootings. And that was a valid question I thought, ya know. So again that’s kind of where I got the idea that they were a bad influence.

And I just saw a recent program, I think it was fiction, about a Japanese man who felt his son was addicted to gaming and he actually put him in a kind of video game rehab situation with other teenage boys. So, you know, you get the feeling that it can be really addictive. And I’m sure it can be, ya know.

So I still probably don’t have an opinion that’s it’s the most positive thing. But I think that’s a generational thing. I think a lot of people my generation have that impression, you know. And unless they meet somebody who causes them to change their mind about that, proves that that’s not correct, then they’re going to keep that kind of impression.

Now I’ve met you guys, and you do great with it. And are well rounded so obviously it doesn’t have a bad influence. So that sort of changes my opinion.

And just from your blogs, I’ve also seen some of the graphics and they’re pretty amazing. I mean, It’s not Super Mario. Ya know. So maybe now, ya know, with the modern games it’s a lot more stimulating for the imagination, it’s not such a big waste of time, it’s way more artistic.

I’ve never played a video game, and I’ve never watched it played except on tv and I’ve actually never known someone who played them until I met you. So how would I know? It takes something good to change your mind.

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