The sound of silence from the NRA
(((Greg Camp)))

Every time I think the NRA might represent me, they do (or in this case fail to do) something like this. I want to think that they represent me, even though I am a Liberal, a Democrat, and have issue with the way questionable shootings by the police are handled, much less a scenario like this where the cop was in the wrong and there can be no question.

I finally watched the dashcam footage last night. I was sickened. I was in the room when my dad got shot dead when I was six. He was no saint and the story of why he was killed has no police in it. Almost forty years later, I still remember the day. I hope the child is too young to remember this, though things like your father being killed a few inches away from you tend to stick.

Moreover, I listened to what Mr. Castile said. It wasn’t much different than what I’ve said when I’ve been stopped while carrying. That could have been me. That could have been any lawful carrier. The organization says it stands for us should be shouting about this.

Instead, I’m sure that in Wayne LaPierre’s mind, Philando Castile is just in the broad menace of “thugs” that he uses as boogymen to rile up the rank and file.

I want to think this wasn’t about race. It is hard to see any other thing it could be about, though.

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