If This Had Been a Clinton White House, Things Would Be Different

Imagine, if you will….

A little over 100 days into a narrow victory by Hillary Rodham Clinton, the ugly head of the question of her emails comes to light. FBI Director Comey, in the interest of the American people continues his investigation and it turns out to be worse than we thought, as we discover that allies of the President profited or stand to profit from the information therein.

President Clinton fires some of her early appointees, the ones who most clearly benefited from the scandal. The questions are raised, however, and the GOP, still in control of Congress and vowing to oppose her at every turn, is out for the Truth, with a capital “T”.

As a case is built and additional resources are requested, she fires Director Comey. Then she proposes, as his replacement, Senator Dian Feinstein. While the Senator has no practical law enforcement experience, the defense is a need for diversity and touts her experience in working to stop violence. The GOP refuses this narrative, of course, claiming it is because she is a vocal HRC supporter and is likely to be uncritical of the President. Senator Fenstein’s vocal opposition to the investigation is also noted.

And then, in a meeting with the Saudi’s, it is revealed that President Hillary Clinton has not only told them information about our fight against ISIS, she admits to it openly on social media.

Imagine that. Imagine the outrage. Imagine the betrayal that would be felt by her supporters and imagine how the GOP would call not just for her impeachment, but for her incarceration.

Except replace Saudi’s with Russians, an emails with Russian collusion, and President Hillary Clinton with President Donald Trump. Then please explain to me, if you can, why there is deafening silence.

I don’t care if you think the investigation, still ongoing, will come to nothing. I don’t care if you think that the President has a right to declassify intelligence shared with us on a whim. I don’t care if already thought Hillary Clinton needed to be locked up.

What I care about is this: You know in your heart and soul that had Hillary Clinton done and committed half the arrogant, incompetent blunders of this administration, you’d be up in arms and chanting “Resign”, “Impeach”, or “Lock her up”.

So why are you quiet now, patriot?

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