PSA: Don’t be a Nazi

I know it’s bad form to repeat the title of blog post in the first line, but I think it’s also bad form to not understand this in 2017: Don’t be a Nazi.

Don’t say Nazi things. Don’t do Nazi stuff. When Nazi’s march, don’t take Nazi steps. Don’t hang out with Nazi’s. Don’t go to Nazi parties. Don’t go to Nazi meetings. Don’t listen to Nazi speeches and if you have to, don’t applaud Nazis. Don’t give money to Nazis or Nazi organizations. When you think, “What would a Nazi do?”, do something else.

Don’t be a Nazi.

“But Misgunception,” you might say, “How do I know if someone’s a Nazi?”

That guy giving the Roman salute in public in 21st century? That’s a Nazi. The guy with the swastika flag? Probably a Nazi. The guy saying that white people are oppressed despite being the dominant ethnic group in the Western hemisphere for millennia? Chances are, Nazi. Do they have a Trump/Pence sticker on their car? Most likely NOT a Nazi. But does that same guy use “Heil Trump” unironically in conversation? You guessed it, almost definitely a Nazi.

They’re not really subtle.

“But Misgunception,” you say, “They only say they’re celebrating white culture! Can’t white people be proud of their heritage?”

Sure. Just not the Nazi parts of it.

It’s unfair that Nazi’s screwed a lot of this up for white guys. I’m a white guy. I get it. But they did. Deal with it. Don’t point out how wrong it is to call all white guys Nazis by becoming a freaking Nazi.

You want to point out it’s Leonardo Da Vinci’s birthday? Do it. You want to have a party for Marie Curie? Go for it. You want to organize a charity in the name of a US President who is not Barrack Obama? No one’s going to stop you.

You want to say that you want to kick anyone who is not of white European descent out of the United States to form a racially homogeneous culture? No. That’s not heritage. That’s being a Nazi.

Don’t just not be a Nazi. Don’t be Nazi adjacent. If you’re doing something and Nazi’s give you the thumbs up, reconsider your choices, because that means they they think you’re a Nazi. Don’t say things like “Heritage not hate” and “Eurpoeans are the only ones who produced good art, architecture and philosophy in the world” because you know how believes that? Nazis.

“Okay,” you say. “What if I just stay over here and not be a Nazi and keep it to myself?”

That’s not bad, but the best way to not be a Nazi is to loudly not be a Nazi. Those Nazis over there? When they do Nazi stuff, shout “Stop being a Nazi you stinking Nazi”. Get your friends together. Tell them to yell at Nazi’s. Yell louder than the Nazi’s. Do not make them feel welcome. Do not make them feel accepted. Do not allow them to think they have made a valid life choice.

Call Nazi’s out for being Nazi’s because we shouldn’t have to explain that being a Nazi is a bad thing.

Should you punch a Nazi? No, not unless that Nazi is trying to punch you. Then punch away. That’s true for anyone trying to punch you though, not just Nazi’s.

Should we arrest people for being a Nazi? No, because in the United States, you have freedom of expression. You can publicly say, “I’m a Nazi”. In fact, Nazis announcing that they are Nazi’s something we want because it makes it easier to shout back, “Stop being a Nazi, you stinking Nazi.”

“What should I be instead?”

There are many valid non-Nazi options. You can be an activist whose not a Nazi. You can be a businessman who is not a Nazi. You can be a journalist who is not a Nazi. In fact, virtually every profession has a large non-Nazi membership that you can join.

You can be a Republican who is not a Nazi. You can be a Democrat who is not a Nazi. You can join other political parties who do not accept or condone being a Nazi.

You can attend rallies with no Nazis (as in a dearth of Nazi’s, not to be confused with neo-Nazis, who are still Nazis). You can protest for social reform, economic improvements, building a better world. No Nazis required!

If you’ve taken away anything from this post, I hope it is this: Don’t be a Nazi. If you’ve taken away at least two things from this post, I hope it’s “Don’t be a Nazi” and “Nazi’s are bad”.

So thank you and remember, brush you teeth twice a day. Also, don’t be a Nazi.

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