“The Withering” (unique blend of Survival Horror, Strategy and RPG genres!) was started by a truck driver!

The Withering, a unique blend of Survival, Strategy and RPG genres, was started by a former truck driver!

The game has been the vision of Creative Director David Shefet since 2010, when he was truck driver. He had a dream, and he decided to do whatever is required to make it real! Every night at a truck stop he would sit with his laptop on a wireless network and work on the game development!

Success on Steam!
On April 2015 The Withering was submitted on Steam Green Light and was Green Lit by the community in only 12 days! A remarkable achievement! This was followed shortly thereafter with the Early Access release of The Withering in December of 2015. Since then nearly 10,000 beta testers have joined The Withering community who actively play and provide fantastic feedback to the development team with another 15,000 gamers who have put The Withering on their Wish List.

Here are just a few bullet points that make The Withering a really unique game:

· The game blends three different game genres in a single seamless gameplay

· A living open world driven by random events that change the map on the fly

· A large variety of gameplay elements to keep players engaged

· Deep character development and item stats mechanic allows for unique gameplay experience

· Crafting system that allows players to upgrade and adjust their equipment based on their gameplay style

· Diverse diplomacy system adds the depth to the game world

· Camp management gameplay puts players in control of their own camp of survivors

· The world extends to most of the North America taking players from the vast plains to deep forests, burned wastelands and ruined cities

· Multiplayer is what really makes the game stand out in it’s genre, focusing heavily on the co-op elements and team work. Multiple PvE gameplay elements and fun, adrenaline pumping competitive PvP game modes.

Just as a last note, would like to invite you to visit our full Press-Kit page.

As you can see, we are an independent studio and have been privately funded so far which has helped us develop this wonderfully innovate and fun to play game, and we would love if you can spread the word about The Withering! It will help tons to both us here at CM Softworks and our game community.


Misha Hanin
Chief Technology Officer at CM Softworks Inc.