Khudi and Self Learning #JustStart

Edhi sb. used the principle of progress, “Just start” to do social work. His mother fed him with compassion, affection and a sense of helping others e.g, His father dispatched a big sack containing samples of cashew, nuts, pistachio and ginger every few months for them, but his mother was averse to keeping everything she received for herself. She divided the fruit equally into packets that Edhi sb. and her mother made together and her mother sent him off to distribute them amongst needy. In addition to it, his mother instilled a habit in him very early in his life that, each morning she gave him 2 paisas for school and advised him to give 1 to somebody poor and spend 1 on yourself and told him to always find out the person really in need. It is poisonous to give charity to useless people, or to embarrass those who do not need it. She told him how to help the poor and destitute as well as told him the difference between the needy and the lazy. The priority that his mother gave to social work was to be the foundation of his future. Thus, Edhi sb. started social work based upon helping the people who needed to be helped.

Same is the case with me, my mother also used to help others by giving them all such goods which seemed in abundance to her. She also developed a habit in me and my siblings to give the things to the people by whom those things were needed more than us. Whenever I go outside my house either at my school, college and university or somewhere else She often used to say that give some money to needy one on your way, ALLAH will bless you. So, I just started doing those activities.

In the month of Ramadan Edhi’s mother collected other memon ladies and made bundles of food stuff, which she sent him to drop through the windows of the poor people or needy relatives. All the while her soft whispery voice echoed behind him, “Its charity only when your left hand does not know what the right has given. When the respect of the receiver is foremost. I like this example because Edhi helped the needy without wanting them to be known to his name. and I learned that charity and helping others should never be for the sake of fame, you should help others only to make them happier.

I’m afraid of doing new things about which I have no idea that how to do. I’m not a risk taker. I was afraid of joining websites, doing online courses and commenting on social media. I was afraid of travelling alone a long distance, operating new machinery, seemed scary to me, but I have overcome my fear of taking risks by doing several tasks.

Tasks that I have done to achieve this goal.

1. I joined Amal fellowship to overcome my fear of working online

2. I am able to travel alone by joining Amal academy.

3. I started commenting on social media after joining Amal fellowship.

I wanted to achieve this goal in order to become a lifelong learner. Because, I came to realize that one cannot learn anything without having an experience for which taking risk is necessary.

I faced some challenges in the way of it such as I was not having an internet connection. I was not having so much awareness about social media. While doing all this, sometimes, it seemed difficult to me and I thought to quit but I realized that if I kept doing such type of mistakes I would never be successful.

I have learned that life is the name of choice making and I chose my success and now I am well aware of that this is the path which will lead me to success.

And my next step is to become a good and lifelong learner to excel in every walk of life.