FYI, China Blockchain recruiting…

Disclaimer first: I am NOT associated with any of the entities discussed here. I just came across this information and would like to share it with anyone who is interested in working as a developer in this area (and in China :) )

Based on some research, a news outlet reporting exclusively blockchain news in China aggregated some recruiting information this morning. The original post is available here:

The entities mentioned are either FinTech institutions that have reached certain scalability or associated with traditional established companies (the two tend to overlap). They include:

  • WeBank 微众银行
  • Shanghai Securities Exchange 上海证券交易所
  • Zhongan Insurance 众安保险
  • a subsidiary of China Banknote Printing and Minting 中钞信用卡产业发展有限公司
  • Ping An Technology 平安科技
  • Wan Xiang Blockchain Labs 万向区块链实验室
  • CIB FinTech 兴业数金
  • Tsinghua Group 清大电子商务(北京)
  • IBM

They are all looking for core developers and focusing Shanghai. And of course, there are companies that are very low-key in their blockchain strategies, such as Wanda Group.

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