On bank card clearing institutions regulation

Updates from June 2016: Full text of the regulation on bank card clearing institutions (final version) is available here: http://www.cbrc.gov.cn/chinese/home/docDOC_ReadView/65DE69495F56495391C2FD56EEFE05DA.html

The PBOC’s press conference transcript on the regulation is available here: http://www.gov.cn/xinwen/2016-06/07/content_5080304.htm

The final version of the regulation largely resembles the draft version distributed last year, although there remain some differences.See http://finance.sina.com.cn/zl/bank/2016-06-08/zl-ifxsvenx3637481.shtml; http://opinion.caixin.com/2016-06-08/100952638.html

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