On payments: clearing license for non-bank payment institutions?

Updates from August: First of all, this is NOT something that has been passed/announced/confirmed. But FYI, an online network platform, organized by the PCAC, for clearing between non-bank payment institutions has been contemplated(√)and preliminarily formed(?) according news report. This idea was initially proposed in the PCAC’s second annual member meeting in April. The platform, if implemented, seeks to address the practice of de facto bypassing-PBOC clearing and enable the PBOC to regain control of information of capital flows. See http://finance.sina.com/gb/tech/sinacn/20160806/19571484307.html; http://finance.china.com.cn/money/efinance/yw/20160801/3838111.shtml; http://finance.sina.com.cn/roll/2016-04-14/doc-ifxriqqv5592880.shtml

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