to the person i love

By M.A.Avé

Can you feel the growing minutes tensing between our hearts,

what’s there are crumbs leftover, from the bond that was the start

Distance measures our love and the night talks seem to lessen

the more I wish to hear your voice, the silence seems to deafen.

I have my fear in my throat when I speak truth to you now

So I don’t speak words to be misheard as my ‘attention’ crying out

I beg you “talk to me, be open, let me be your house so that you can be my light”

But you say “Sorry I need time, 8 weeks away from us and even though you’re trying I don’t want to share our nights”

Fine. Don’t share them. But I love you none the less.

My love will always be around even though I’ll be a mess.

Which you wont have to deal with, I’ll be messy on my own.

So that maybe one day you can decide, to call my heart your home.

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Copyright © 2018 by M.A.Avé. All rights reserved.