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This is the first piece that I have a little difficulty with that you have posted. I believe in a single payer system. The reason is because the cost of such a system is Trillions of dollars less than the current megaladon that we call health insurance in this country.

Single payer is very simple. Everyone needs coverage for everything, including dental and vision, durable medical goods, etc… Everyone pays for this coverage to the government.

This can be accomplished through payroll deduction, or self-pay. The people that fall within current income guidelines who cannot afford to pay will automatically receive benefits. The check and balance is you would have to qualify through a federal vetting agency.

Then the government will receive all bills from medical providers and pay them. This of course would need to be a negotiated, but fair rate.

Then the good part comes in. There are no more insurance providers needed. NONE! The cost savings is found in the reason of not lining the pockets of the insurance companies and their greedy stockholders. Currently, they steal Americans stupidly blind to the tune of about $3.5 TRILLION dollars.

That’s right. It is estimated that such a system would only cost about $450 Billion dollars. Now let’s do the math. $450 B divided by 321 M people in the US = $1,402 per year per person to pay for it. Or about $117 per month per person in the household. This means that a family of four would pay $467 per month, which would be deducted from their paycheck each month.

Additionally, if your employer will subsidize this payment at 50% You would actually pay $234 per month out of pocket with NO deductibles or co-pays and all medical expenses would be covered. This includes pharmacy drugs as well.

So, think of it. You do not have any insurance companies at all, no medicare or medicaid and everyone who wants coverage can have it, although some will need to qualify for free benefits. (Although, the government could use the current medicare framework to operate and manage this whole program.)