Hey, so, the world is garbage, and things are kinda…bad…and I was thinking, you know what would be nice? Something that doesn’t talk about that at all. Instead, I’m going to talk a whole lot about a different world where things are also kind of garbage, but some of them you can make less garbage. That’s right, I’m talking about modding Stardew Valley!

Probably you all saw that coming.

So! As we all know, I love Stardew Valley. Or, well, I play a lot of Stardew Valley, anyhow, which is very nearly the same thing. I have…*checks steam*…wow, an embarrassing number of hours of play racked up. But I also have, it turns out, over fifty mods installed, because I’m nothing if not willing to spend a ridiculous amount of time hacking things into a form that I like slightly better than the original. …


Misha Fletcher

Writer, editor, knitter, cranky person. Still here, still queer. They/them. Singularly unlikable. Always ready to bag on Thoreau.

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