A while later

“I don’t know what we’ll be to each other. When all is said and done; when the flowers have wilted and the lace has yellowed and we’re both just summarized on a stone in the yard as a pile of relationships, I don’t know what mine will say about you.
Maybe you were my one great love. 
Maybe you were my first great love. 
Maybe you were my greatest heartbreak. Maybe you’re my forever.

But a year ago, I decided that I didn’t care. Whatever it would end up, I wanted to love you into that superlative. I didn’t know who you would be to me, but I wanted to know who you were. I wanted to know who I was with you.

Six months and seventeen goodbyes later. One move and two promises: a promise to wait and a promise to come home.

You’ve loved me perfectly. You’ve spent a year sitting in the sun with me, seeing through my trick lighting, holding strong in the wind, chasing away my rainclouds, and in my grayest moments, just sitting with me in the downpour.

You’re the most important thing to happen to my heart since I locked it away. It’s that I was a ghost and you loved me back to life.

So I could have years of flowers and lace, you may have decades before the stone… but after this one year of us, I can definitely say 
You were love to me.”

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